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Dream job over 50?

I am 57 years old. Can I still get a job at this age in a good job, in a normal company, with a normal salary?"

Let's start with the good news: Yes, there is. There is such a thing. I've read success stories, so it certainly exists.

Can I be honest?

This is just not for me.

There was an interesting interview last week. I applied to be a customer service representative job at the airport near us. For some reason, I'm so drawn to this noisy, bustling workplace that it's almost my dream job.

Yes, I made it to the interview. I didn't have to go anywhere because now almost everything happens on ZOOM.

I dressed nicely, tidied up myself, and on it. I learned a little bit about the history of the company, so I couldn't even say I wasn't prepared.

When the time came, my chin dropped down at the first minute. A beautiful, pretty woman greeted me with a wonderful smile. Even then, I had the feeling that I could have taken another 10 minutes to myself. Well, I already knew I didn't have a chance. I would have preferred to hide behind a cloud so he couldn't see my face. I immediately realized that this job was more for models rather than a burned-out 57-year-old who needed the job in hand.

But I gave it my all and I did well.

Don't think it went wrong. The lady was very nice and helpful. Of course, I didn't get the job.

My husband thinks it's discrimination and I think so too.

But I'll survive and keep going. However,

there are a few options that are worth trying.

Because if you have the strengths that are important for the job (and everyone has strengths!) and you define the sector and area of expertise you are applying to ( and everyone can find one!), then there is no company, and there is no position where you do not have a chance to get into as a 50-plus.

"Oh, sure, where does that live? What are you talking about?

I've been looking for a job for 6 months, I haven't even gotten any feedback. They'll see my age and they won't even call me in or kick me out during the probationary period."

Yes, I know, these are usually the first reactions from those who are trying to get a job without much preparation and not with guerrilla methods

I admit that the situation is not that simple!

In a generally youthful corporate environment, as a 50-plus, it's often not easy. It's not because it's hard to get in! Staying inside is much harder!!

So the real question today isn't whether you'll be able to get a job over 50. Rather, the question is whether you can and do want to fit into a workplace where you may be the oldest!

Why? Because he couldn't and wouldn't be part of the team!

I love those animals! They are so innocent!

The average age at large international service centers is 27-28 years. In the managerial chairs of multinationals, 40-45-year-old specialists sit, and in some areas, for example, at the level of senior managers in the banking sector, 35-38-year-old specialists are in control... And a little differently, but the same rejuvenation process is taking place in the public sector.

From the very beginning, multinationals needed agile managers who spoke languages. This is how very young professionals became top managers in a short time. And the system is recreating itself: young leaders, youthful teams – this is still the formula in most international multinationals.

"Don't let a tacky 15-20 years younger tell me what to do!"

You see, that's exactly the reason!

Therefore, work for yourself, here you will find how.

It's never really the age that's the problem, it's the mindset! Whether you're getting into a team of 50-plus or younger, you have to accept that you have to adapt. And most of all for you, the newcomer.

This is something that a lot of senior professionals just don't want to take into account. Whether you're 20-30, 40-50, or older, if you're going to be on a team, you might want to ask yourself these questions during the probationary period:

  • Am I trying to talk to colleagues?

  • Am I willing to listen to your opinion?

  • Am I able to see them as equals?

  • Will I open up to them?

  • Am I involved?

  • Am I present?

  • Can I help?

  • Do I go to lunch with them, have coffee, if they call me?

In a word: CAN I CONNECT?

If someone at the age of 57 feels that he does not have a common theme with a 30-year-old adult person, then there is trouble there. If someone feels on every topic that he knows better that he is right, because "I could be your father, your mother", that working relationship (especially the boss-subordinate relationship) is doomed. If someone at the age of 50 cannot ask for help in a normal tone and refuses to admit that his 25-year-old colleague is better at certain topics, sooner or later he will not have to stay with any company.

And it's never the boss who's going to have trouble with you, it's never the quality of your work that's going to be the main problem...

Put your age aside!

Take a piece of advice: never blame the number of years you have! Be flexible and open-minded and set aside your age both in your job search and in your workplace!

Perhaps that is why it is better to work for yourself.

  • According to your own time,

  • where there is no boss,

  • there is no unsympathetic colleague,

  • you can work from home, where no one bothers you.

Isn't that a lunatic thought? Isn't the thought that you can earn more money? I don't understand people many times. They cry, they despair, but they do nothing


If you like to work for a company, do it.

If you're new to a team (whether you're the oldest or not), be aware of two things:

1. The team around you will inadvertently reorganize. How you're going to fit in is up to you. You can't go where I'm the older one and immediately start handing out advice to your younger colleagues.

2. Age alone cannot earn either job recognition or employee respect.

This can be achieved through performance, social relationships, how much you can trust each other, how much you help others, how present you are, etc. But keeping your job, your progression, and being recognized within the team will have little to do with your age, believe me.

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