Is it true that we have aging, wrinkled skin?

Our body changes, sagging, but this soft body is feminine. What's the secret we're probably all curious about.

Some thoughts about experiencing femininity, the naturalness of aging, and the concept of timeless beauty.

There are portrait series of women over the age of 50, and the message is clear: the beauty our society so obsessed with has no expiration date.

It is not affected by passing time, or even by wrinkles of skin that has lost its elasticity.

But why do we believe that?

Why do we think that only young people are beautiful?

Why do we panic about crow's feet, why do we need everything that proclaims youth immediately?

The beauty industry is shedding the misconceptions that under the banner of anti-aging and anti-wrinkles, we try the impossible to stop – or at least slow down – one of the most natural processes: the passage of time.

And then there are these portraits of women who, with an open example, with almost embarrassing femininity, show that identity, self-acceptance, and beauty peak over the age of 50.

They show that aging should not be demonized, but lived. I'm talking about aging here, but age over 50 we are not call old person.

I'm sure these are our best years, now we can really express ourselves. Now we can change, we just have to decide what we want.

The woman over 50 is as beautiful as she is feminine, and that true beauty and femininity must be achieved in spirit, not only in the body.

Unfortunately, there are many misconceptions that dictate the indefinable concept of beauty, and our task as lay observers is only to realize this, to make it aware of it in our society.

You know what?

We can be real queens!

Let's let unspecified femininity come out. It's not the pearls, earrings or bracelets that do what you see in the picture; it's not the toiletries we're constantly putting on ourselves, it's different. It's completely different.

I really believe in that.

Of course, this is contradicted by the fact that we need to take care of our bodies. Women who have the opportunity to shine, to be an unique, to dominate a certain situation.

Who thinks that?

"I personally see myself as beautiful. When I don't, I'm going to do everything I can to change that. "

'I am who I am.'

This could be the definition of beauty, which is believed to be indefinable.

Now, talk about what we all love...

Even over the age of 50, it is sometimes worth stepping out of your comfort zone.

The colorful makeup that fits in magazines may not hold up so much on the street, but it certainly has a rejuvenating effect.

Elegant makeup with a natural effect looks very sophisticated and wonderfully rejuvenates the face. However, wearing strong colors can be just as effective, although in everyday life many people avoid lipsticks and eye makeup in vibrant shades.

Obviously, what looks good in a photo shoot can have a slightly exaggerated effect on the street, but in a daytime makeup, for example, lively tones can be included in a finer version.

The modern, colorful makeup works well on mature complexion, completely revitalizes the look.

I'm sure everyone has their own brand, the best they believe in.

My love is the AVON.

Not only because all of his products are adorable, healthy, but because he has won my heart with his unique politics, the way he thinks.

The fact that he does not conduct experiments with animals, that he is the main supporter of people with cancer, this is an unforgettable positive reason for me.

In the next post you are going to find more information about AVON and my passion with those luxurious products.

If you are would like to check it out, here is the link. I am really appreciate that.

Over 50, many people stick to their well-established makeup and hairstyles, and few want to smuggle drastic changes into their familiar style.

Some photographers takes beautiful photos of women of different ages to draw attention to the fact that age does not determine a woman's individuality, beauty, style, radiance, and the strength of her charisma.

Playfulness, inner youth do not necessarily go away as the years go by.

It's not about the size of the women in the pictures, nor is it about how much they can cut off from their age. Rather, their colorful individuality, their sincere charm, and their good-looking smile came to the fore, proclaiming that a woman's specialty does not depend on the perfect appearance, nor on the number of years.

These ladies bravely live their femininity and give themselves absolute self in front of the camera. Although they put aside their everyday looks for the sake of photography and also took on professional makeup that they probably wouldn't wear on the street in this way, the makeup artist, taking into account their individuality, created the beautiful, magazine-fitting makeup with emphasis on it.

I hope you are enjoy reading!



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