How can you find a new look while staying true to yourself?

How can you find a new look while staying true to yourself?

1. type "Lipstick above all"

You won't leave the house without your favorite lipstick? Even with a small change, you can have a significant effect: try another shade of the color family. Or mix your two favorite lipsticks so you can create your own unique color.

Now you can try everything online, and this is a very wonderful help.

2. Type "Forget without eyeliner"

Without eyeliner, do you feel like you're not wearing makeup?

It is understandable, since the eyeliner gives a beautiful, expressive look, as well as magnifies the eyes.

To refresh your appearance, it is enough to use eyeliner a little differently. There are countless options for this.

Another technique: thicker, thinner, dotted, drawing the line only from half the eyelid... There is no limit to fantasy.

Another color: How about a golden eyeliner for festive occasions, a brown for a softer look, or white for a fresh look?

Type 3 "Makeup: Never"

Are you one of those people who doesn't wear makeup at all, but still looks fresh and rested? In this case, too, it is worth trying something new from time to time without having to give up naturalness.

By using the highlighter properly, you can emphasize you're a natural beauty. Liquid or creamy blush also blends with the skin and gives the face a wonderful freshness.

3. Type "Smokey Eye is my creed"

The highest science of eye makeup: from subdued elegance to dramatic appearance, all versions can be makeup made-up. In the classical sense, Smokey Eye makeup is worn with a blackish tint. To bring variety to this dark makeup trend, you can try shades of brown, gray, or gold or majestic shimmering Cat eyes makeup.

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