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If something is wrong with your relationship: ask yourself these 8 questions

We can often find ourselves in a situation, especially if we have been in a serious relationship for a few years, to recognize a departure from our love, or to feel unreasonable anger or disappointment. for another, but we simply cannot decide from which corner of our soul these emotions come to the surface, and more importantly, why, when The bond between us and our partner may have been damaged...

A miscalculation years ago is something we can't forget, even though we thought we'd forgiven you a long time ago. Perhaps we are not really satisfied with ourselves and our current situation in life and projecting our internal conflicts onto our partners. Or do we just need more experiences together to find each other again in the grey everyday life?

If you feel that something is wrong with you, you do not have to immediately despair and run to a party therapist, of course, if you feel the need, it can only do good for your relationship- it is enough to take some time to think and analyze your relationship situation and listen to James Bauer's, who is very helpful and cheap, helping thousands of women understand what's wrong with their relationships, And, of course, to solve it.

Do not Think big to be rude, here rather one little Q&A by Cleaner Imaging the substance: we ask thee eight Questions, you answer plus Yourself sincerely, that how also refer that given aspect – annotate also calmly, that then calmly, prepared Read the with your partner speak that given to be solved Problem or about life situation! Ready standing? Connection Reviews are up!

1/8 How much time do you spend alone?

This may be difficult to answer at first, but don't think in exact numbers (hours, minutes), but listen to the feeling that comes out of you when you hear the question. . If you get a little frustrated with it and feel that it is not nearly enough, it can also easily cause conflict between you, because if one of the parties is unbalanced, a little exhausted and regularly makes sacrifices for the relationship, you will surely upset the love dynamics.

Tell him that you also need some time of your own, an hour or two when you are alone and charged. This may be the background to almost all your conflicts: if, after a hard day's work, a hearty run or a tub of water would fall well, but nearly every day You need to help your partner with something or feel obliged to do the chores, ask him for help!

If he cares about your relationship and your balance, he will understand, and maybe that's what he needed so far, but for some reason, he hasn't. You talked about it.

Watching a match with your friends while you're going to yoga or cosmetic treatment, and then having dinner together at home – let's talk about your next day off.

2/8 Do you regularly give up something for your partner?

If you answered "yes" resolutely, think about what you could do instead of helping your love at work or anything that pulls you back.

If your heart hurts and you feel it's not worth the resignation, be sure to talk about it.

Tell him what you want: if, for example, you stay at home regularly at night because he doesn't like to go out, but you love to be bustling, it will give you resignation in the long run. Compared to the life you imagined for yourself. Come up with joint programs, lure him away from home, and honestly tell him what you want!

3/8 What can you promise him?

In a relationship, it is best to have an imaginary contract in which the parties agree on what to the other.

Would you like to move abroad, but are you connected to your roots? These do not always mean divorces, just sit down and clarify your interests.

The best question you can ask him at this time is what he can promise you, and you can decide whether what he has to offer is enough or not. to continue. Of course, this is true if you are starting your life now, not in an existing relationship.

If you have lived in one place for some time, but the picture is still not clear, there is no problem, get caught up in the details and develop the strategy for the next few years! It's never too late, and you'll both enjoy feeling the gradual dissolution of tension issues – plus, it's a fun joint program!

4/8 How often have you had new experiences?

You live together, meet every day, and the everyday routine is familiar – what is it that you experience together as a new experience?

It helps a lot to spend your vacation or a few day's getaways with a dozen programs instead of constantly lounging on the beach, as it is a proven fact that you can do it again. We fall in love with our partner when we see him in a completely new environment, in a different 'light'.

Take advantage of the psychology of the thing and ignite the spark during boating, sports together, concerts, and a huge excursion!

If you can't go on vacation, don't mind, as you've got an awful lot of free and super programs waiting for you when you leave home – agree to have an awful lot of free and super programs waiting for you every week. Have a date night. You won't have to wait long for the result...

Do you have a common interest of 5/8?

Believe it or not, two people can form a common set of interests even if one is a physicist and the other is a carpenter – never give up hope that you will find one. A common hobbit!

Sometimes the best ideas come from the most unreasonable pairings: does your love to take pictures, and you would like to create new sweets in the kitchen all the time?

Start a joint Instagram profile where you can use your recipes and creative creations and she can use her visual talents!

6/8 What is the purpose of your relationship?

Now, that's a good question.

"To spend as much time together as possible and love each other," would say any common-sense lover, but it is worth putting it more specifically if you are long-term, passionate. You want a relationship. And who doesn't want that?

We're lying when we say no, I don't want to. Many people already have the good fortune to be in a long-term marriage, and let's be honest. Can we be envious of 20 or 30 years? Fact and reality, passionate love is transformed. But let's not forget, that we need the same intimacy and attention.

Have a common motto, a goal that you can strive for every day, like making each other laugh at every difficult and less difficult moment, or spiritual development in the other.....

Think about what you can learn from your partner and what he can learn from you and make the most of this interaction.

7/8 Do you have specific rules?

When Mr. Big asks Carrie for a two-day "break" from their marriage in Sex and the City 2, the idea is that anything can work in a relationship if the two people define the relationship together. rules.

If one of the parties can fit in flirting and winking, while the other follows strict monogamy, none of them will be right, yet interests will clash – if you have one. some kind of contradiction, it is worth resolving the "what can you promise?" described in the third question. - the principle is that none of you will get hurt if the crash hits.

A relationship can be a real whirlwind, be prepared for the big arcs you can walk in together!

8/8 Do you have long-term plans?

This is especially true for the relationships that begin.

After a while, the pink mist disappears from each love eye and is replaced by vitality, goals, and common sense in the future.

That's when the real relationship comes in: if you're with someone who supports you and plans with you - and vice versa - you're lucky, but don't let yourself get comfortable with the take your relationship reliability and take your relationship for granted.

Set common long-term goals that can be in front of your eyes even in the most challenging moments, such as creating your own shared home, starting a family, or a business.

Negotiate and conquer the world between the two of you.

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