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Life over 50: there are more benefits to this age than you think

Nowadays, it is typical to be afraid of aging, even though there is more and more evidence that years over 50 bring a lot of good.

Aging is not that scary at all, if only because age is becoming more and more extended around the world. More than 800 million people over the age of 60 are still living in health and happiness, and as medicine advances, for people, 50 years doesn't even matter anymore as old as they used to be.

I don't feel like I'm old at 56. It all depends on how we can be good with ourselves, and how we can accept ourselves along with our age. Without a doubt, a person will be wiser, and more experienced, but at the same time calm, because there is no longer anything to rush.

Half of our lives have passed, but I always say that the most beautiful half is yet to come. Of course, I know there are problems, sometimes smaller, sometimes bigger. What I've always been saying, is that you can make a difference. Dare to change. It is possible to be in love even over the age of 50, it is possible to start a new life. You just have to take the first step, even if it's not easy.

When does old age begin?

Aging means something different today than it used to. In ancient times, it was synonymous with physical decline, and the Greeks saw it especially darkly: in general, aging itself was considered a disease.

However, according to the latest scientific research, the age above 50 no longer means a decline, because age reaches its peak later than we think.

The poet Dante believed that old age begins at the age of 45. However, a contemporary survey concluded that it starts at 59 years – the older the respondent, the more years he considers old—however, the United Nations set the age after 60 years.

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What are the 8 benefits of passing 50 years old?

1. The U-shaped happiness curve

David Blanchflower, a professor at Dartmouth College, studied data on the relationship between well-being and age in a study summarizing surveys from 132 countries, concluding that people his sense of happiness reaches its lowest point at the age of 47-48.

The results revealed that the curve of life satisfaction, or happiness, is U-shaped, which means that from the age of 48, the feeling of happiness is. So amendment 50 is deleted. after our birthday, we feel much better in our skin again.

2. The pressure to perform goes away

Reaching 50 years feels good, among other things, because it's like coming to the end of a race. At this point, all the stressful career issues, problems, and rivalries in the workplace are already behind us, and, at best, we have processed, and accepted what we have achieved in the work in our lives so far.

Of course, this does not mean that we are not ambitious even over 50. Still, now we are not so stressed about the ladder or promotion, but rather about self-development or hobbies, as towards a sonorous position in the company.

3. We deepen relationships

Reconciling work, family, friends, hobbies and everything else is not an easy task, which is why it is a pleasure that things happen more slowly over the age of 50, bigger we can put emphasis on specific parts of life. By this time, we will have realized that our social relationships largely determine the overall feeling of happiness, and over 50 we will have the time and energy to nurture it, let's deepen these relationships.

Whether it's kids, family friends, or neighbors at the end of the street, this is the best time to get even closer to the interior circle people.

4. Sex is better than ever

Numerous studies have shown that older people have better sexual experiences than are assumed. According to a study of sexual activity and satisfaction among women in their 80s, half of the women at this age also always or most often had an orgasm during sex.

Other studies have come to similarly surprising conclusions: a survey of people over 60 found that 74 % of men and 70% of women had more sexual sex he reported satisfaction as he did at the age of 40. London party therapist Tara Saglio attributes this to the fact that older women are less insecure: "Older women are more confident in expressing their own sexuality. That confidence is what makes sex better."

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5. Empathy is too great

At this point in life, we have already experienced enough to learn that no one is perfect and to be more lenient to failure, be it our own or otherwise man's. We have already made so many wrong decisions in 50 years to realize that the world does not collapse even if sometimes one makes mistakes.

These realizations all nurture and increase empathy in us, allowing us to get much closer to our loved ones, volunteer, and experience that lighthearted feeling, which is what forgiveness means. Because we also let go of a lot of pent-up anger in the name of compassion because we realize that most of the time people didn't intentionally blame us either.

6. The compulsion to comply goes away

The older we get, the less we care what others think of us. This is one of the best parts of aging. It goes without saying that we will continue to behave in style and dignity, but it takes a lot more to embarrass us than we used to when he was still working on us the compulsion to comply. The social pressure on our shoulders is relieved, the burden of expectations is taken off us and it is much easier for us to shrug our shoulders in situations that we would have freaked out about long ago.

7. Balance

Not only because of the experiences accumulated over decades but also because of physical changes, we can become much more balanced over the age of 50.

According to one study, the processes taking place in our brain make fear reactions more controlled with age, which is great news for anyone who is a little more impulsive, and fierce emotions sometimes prevail over him. And as the fear in our brains decreases, the worry also disappears and our mood, in general, becomes much more relaxed. Of course, that doesn't mean we won't be passionate anymore, but rather that we'll be less chewy on over 50 on the little things.

8. Opportunities open up

Usually, over the age of 50, children are already flying out, which is both a sad and joyful experience. It's sad because I miss them so much, but it's joyful because the world opens up and we can find carefree freedom again.

The children's room can become a hobby room, the afternoons are free, and we can cook lunches that they would never have eaten, but we love it and in general, we can do it with our time outside of work, whatever we want.

Sure, we help our kids and we're still there for them, but we don't have to keep following in their footsteps like they did when they were younger, and it's a liberating, adventurous experience.

So, just do it!

Thank you for reading me and don't forget to learn more.


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