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Processing breakup over age 50!

Breaking up is always painful, especially when you've put a lot of energy into the relationship.

But each breakup has age characteristics that can either help a person move on or limit him in it. Which side is stronger than you?

Processing a breakup is a grieving process, it's not a shame to live it.

If you loved someone and know there is no going back, you have to let them go. It's okay if it hurts when you're sad. It would really be a problem if you suppressed those feelings so you wouldn't show the other person your pain.

But at least you yourself are forbidden to deny your feelings. This is important because without emotional closure it is difficult to find peace of mind, and tranquility. And you're not helping your own progression either.

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In terms of processing a breakup, it doesn't matter if you want a new partner or not at some point. Because now is not the time for that.

What are these possible limitations?

  • Fear of being alone.

  • You believed you weren't lovable, you were valuable.

  • You think your personality... (here come the negative adjectives).

  • The other cannot be trusted, you think that they will just take advantage of you, and abuse your love.

  • Walls that you pulled around you for protection, and in the process, these became your real limitations.

  • Feeling worthless.

These emotional limitations could take root in you when you couldn't process your injuries and suppressed them.

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Suppressing emotions can not only men but also women!

To protect against bad feelings, we pull up our most harmful walls and barriers, because because of this, not only do we feel that we are not loved, but we also do not dare to give the other person full, unconditional love.

What are your supportive beliefs about breaking up and settling relationship problems?

However, you can not only get out of a relationship badly but also well. Letting go of the other in peace, knowing that you have done everything you were able to do, can also give strength to a person.

Score the following properties on a scale of 0-5. Give 5 to the characteristic that you feel is maximally true, and go down the scale if you feel that the question is less characteristic of you.

  • I feel like a lovable person.

  • I can give and accept.

  • I broke down my walls.

  • I am aware of my good qualities and of my less good qualities.

  • All areas of my life are tidy.

  • I have goals and I believe I can achieve them.

  • I'm looking for solutions in life.

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It is the sum of these characteristics that give you how well you can attract a (next) lasting relationship where you feel loved and you can also give love.

Ask yourself, how much do you want to live your life in a relationship where reciprocity, love, honesty, and shared development are typical?

The lower your overall score, the more serious difficulties you face in processing your breakup and your next matchmaking.

If so, there is no need to be scared, processing a breakup, and increasing self-confidence will suit everyone! Optimist, I am.

Have a nice day!


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