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The “Game ON!” Signal That Makes Him Obsessed With Winning Your Love

You’ve made it your secret to success in all other areas of your life:

You’re organized, you’re on top of things, and you can juggle more than one ball at a time.

But when it comes to men…well, let’s just say that the signal seems to be off, or maybe even broken. Or maybe it just feels like you need a whole new strategy.

In all other areas of your life — work, school, friends, family — you know what they say about first impressions: They tend to last. And yet, with men…it just doesn’t seem to matter.

You have what you think are great first dates but then nothing happens after that.

The green light never goes on for a second date and the red light never goes off afterward.

The yellow light remains permanently foggy and the purple light is always flickering on and off again.

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If you’re reading this article, then it’s safe to say that you’ve found yourself in a bit of a love rut. Perhaps your attempts at dating have proved fruitless, or perhaps your latest boyfriend or ex-husband just isn’t the one for you.

However you got here, the main thing is that you now want to find love and fast. But how can we help?

If you've been searching for answers when it comes to finding love and keeping it; You are not alone.

Dating in this day and age can be quite a challenge for everyone. The abundance of options we have today makes things even more complicated. And if there's something they all agree on

- It's that finding someone special is not easy! Trust me, I know...

There is no denying that men and women are wired very differently. And because of this, it can make finding love challenging for both sexes. It’s not uncommon for people to struggle with making connections in a new city, new school, or even when trying to start fresh with a partner with who you have grown apart.

In order to win the love of a guy, we need to recognize what attracts him first before proceeding with our game plan.

Even though most men will admit they prefer smart and independent women as partners, their first impression is often based on looks. So what does this mean? You have to stand out! Every man has his own type and most are naturally attracted to certain things above others.

- He says He loves me but isn't in love with me...

It’s natural to want to help your friend whose partner doesn’t seem to love them the way they love their partner. But when you have no romantic interest in someone, it can be tricky to find a way to support them without coming across as weird or nosey. Can you help without being creepy?

The truth is there are many people who are trapped in an unromantic relationship and don’t know how to get out of it.

There are very few things more painful than loving and trusting someone who does not return your feelings. It might feel like the world is against you, but that’s because it is.

The statistics about heartbreak don’t lie, sadly…

If you feel like there is nothing left but broken pieces of your former self after a recent breakup, take a look at these tips on what to do if he says he loves you but isn’t in love with you...

In our dating lives, many of us have found ourselves in the unfortunate situation of having to deal with someone who claims to love you but doesn’t appear to actually be in love with you. A guy could be everything you’ve ever wanted and more, but he just doesn’t appear to be able to make that final leap when it comes to a relationship with you.

While this can be a very frightening and confusing thing for any woman to find herself in, it doesn’t mean that your partner is not someone worth keeping around. After all, if they aren’t in love but are still willing to continue being your partner, then there must be something pretty special about them.

Have you ever had a relationship where you feel like the guy likes you more than he loves you?

It’s an awful feeling. You can see his sincerity and feel his affection, but it’s that special spark of love that’s missing between the two of you. If a guy doesn’t fall in love with you, how do you move forward? How can you have self-respect while still remaining friends with him?

If your guy says he loves you but isn’t in love with you please move... Get your life back, go ahead and be happy!

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