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As time passes, our roles change. The question is whether we mourn what we have to say goodbye to, or whether we find new goals that give meaning and joy to our days.

I like this name because it does not imply closedness, but openness - without limits. it occurred to me that this could be true for any age group, as a person in their thirties today can have similar problems with the change in their life.

It's not only people in their fifties who tend to "write off" themselves but also people in their forties and even those over 35 because they feel that life has passed them by and that something is not working out.

Our thoughts are also projected onto our behavior as self-fulfilling prophecies. We come up with self-justification: "It won't work, it won't work, I can't start a new life, I can't go in a new direction!" If I ask them what they wanted to do as a child, they pull the answer from their memory. And then I say: "Listen, you still have 30-40 years ahead of you, a lot can still be done! You just have to want and do something!"

Have you had such thoughts? You have also retuned your life...?

We know where we are moving away from, but where are we heading?

Yeah, that's the hard part. I am very hardworking and open-minded, I like to learn new things, and my mind is always on the move, so I figured out a lot of things quickly. I have experienced on my own skin - extra kilos, gray hair, wrinkles - that time passes, but for me this is not the end of things, but the beginning of many new things. I'm a born optimist and this helps a lot.

The children fly away... Certain tasks and responsibilities are removed from everyday life. The question is whether someone experiences this as a gaping void or as a new opportunity.

When the kids fly out, it's our TIME.

I see that there are two types of education: one experiences it as a tragedy when the children fly away, and then one does not know what to do with oneself. The other is who we are – we see it as an opportunity. Of course, independence does not mean that they are completely separated, but we no longer have so much to do with logistics, and a lot of time is freed up...

How can you help someone who simply cannot find their place in change?

First of all, I ask what he is interested in that he has not been able to do in his life so far. For example, the desire to do something huge has been in my head for twenty years. Where do they recognize me, where do they follow me... Now is the opportunity... Just like countless others.

Should we unearth our childhood interests and dreams? Everything we loved, but maybe we didn't have time for it?

Exactly right. We did our job for our children, and maybe sometimes the thought crossed our minds: oh, but it would be nice! Going to the theater, going to the cinema, going back and forth, doing programs...

My experience is that many people tend to get caught up in being at home. I think a goal is very important because without it we don't know where to go. Not for long-term goals, but for close people.

This way, I can live with freedom when I can see where I'm going.

To see what I want to achieve.

I'm not a purposeful person who would risk my life for decades. But it's a fact that if I get into something, I'll see it through.

We still have a lot to do. In that sense, I am purposeful after all.

What we are talking about now are our expectations of ourselves. In other words, a change, since a person tries to meet a lot of external expectations for a long time in his/her life. Perhaps behind the gloom lies the "why, for who?" question.

That is why we must always be good to be ourselves and create harmony and peace in our souls. To hear and read positive inspirations that are just for us.

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You don't see how much there is in the world, how many wonderful possibilities there are. An old wise friend of mine said and I always remember, this gives me strength: - every day you get out of bed is a gift. Look around, smile, and do your best!



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