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Who said Affiliate marketing is easy?

Do you have an enemy?

Who's your enemy?

The age of over 50 is just a number. This post is for everyone, who is not happy with their job, who has free time and boring at home, who is want to do something but just doesn't know how can start.

Who’s the villain in your life pulling the strings on your choices?

Everyone has a villain. Every story has an arch-nemesis or enemy.

- Hannibal Lector in Silence Of The Lambs - Darth Vadar in Star Wars - The Joker in Batman - Thanos in Avengers

- The aliens in Star Track ( my best is Captain Kirk)

Regardless of the villain, they’re all incredibly powerful. Incredibly convincing at times. And if we allow them, they can destroy our future. All Thanos has to do is snap his finger, and he ends it all…

Even in your story, your journey, in your life right now there is a villain lurking...

In any story there is an enemy blocking the hero from their goals…whether it's in a Marvel movie or their own life..there is ALWAYS a villain to the story.

In our community, Let me share with you one of our biggest enemies. The villain we have watched stops members in their tracks.

It keeps them STUCK.

This villain has the power to freeze you in your current job and situation and doesn’t allow change. The villain is the biggest killer of dreams… The biggest roadblock to getting started…

Keeping you from taking action…

Blocking your ability to be consistent… This villain can seduce you into thinking you’re not good enough. This villain makes you believe you need to keep looking for the magic pill to make money fall from the skies with zero effort or knowledge.

I’ll give you a hint…

It’s The F Word…

And no, I’m not talking about the 4 letter word that your mom would put soap in your mouth for.

Our biggest enemy is FAILURE. It’s the ultimate enemy with massive, relentless power.

We have such fear of failure….it can paralyze us from taking action.

We get so worried and consumed with fear surrounding failure, we talk ourselves out of even starting!

It’s so powerful, it can convince us to find EXCUSES of why this won’t work so we don’t address the real roadblock, the true villain.

  • “It’s a scam”

  • “I need more proof.” (more proof than almost 3 years of Wake Up Legendary Interviews of others building successful digital marketing businesses?)

  • “It’s not real unless I get FAST results.”

  • “I’m all alone.” (even though we have incredibly knowledgeable support and opportunities for weekly calls with our CMO!)

  • “I need a mentor.” (and another mentor, and maybe another mentor….and another) When at the heart of it all, it's your villain living between your own ears whispering its spells of negativity and control over you.

Fear of failure is deciding the future, and until we can shut it down, unfortunately, we will stay stuck.

What if we look at failure differently?

What if there was a way to change its power into something that drives us and empowers us to keep going?

Just like negative comments on TT, you can let them stop you or you can use them to fuel your engagement and reach. It's all in how we look at things.

The reality that surrounds failure is THAT it's REQUIRED.

We need to embrace it to overcome it.

It’s just a moment of learning, not a sign to quit.

It’s a stepping stone towards success.

No human on the planet has experienced success without moments of failure.

Failure is not an identity.

No person is a failure in life, but this villain tries to convince you otherwise.

You are the superhero in this story.

You are the only one that can overcome this villain.

The best way? Consistent action every single day.

Don’t overthink it. (your villain sees this as an opportunity)

Just do.

“The best time to start was last week, the second-best time to start is right now.”

No matter where you are in your journey, whether you haven’t started the challenge, or have stopped learning and applying the blueprints, or maybe you've had a few roadblocks and became inconsistent…the villain doesn’t have to stay in control. You can decide today is the day to start again.

Take action and commit.

Click here for more information and you will see!



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